About Us

The Black Lives Matter Brazil-USA project is
an ongoing collaborative effort. Contributors 

to date include:  

Allessandra Reuben 

Candida De Hoyos 

Catherine McMillan

Charles Berman

Christian Sheerer

Christopher Simmons

Cydney Livingston

Elijah Wroten

Felise Collins 
Jamal Burns

Jeremy Tang 

John Markis

Jonathan Mengistu

Jose Rosario

Kennede Lewin-Occenad 

Kristen Rigsby

Lucas Torres

Myles Hudzick

Nate Thompson

Rahel Petros

Ronald Carr

Sarah Simmons

Tre Jones

Veronica Namiba

Chloe Ricks

Courtney Crumpler

Gray F. Kidd

Marcelo Ramos

Dr. Silvio Almeida

Dr. John French.

ExHibition Sponsors

Duke Department of History, Duke Brazil Initiative, Office of the Dean of Trinity College of Arts and Sciences, and Office of the Dean of Social Sciences in Trinity College of Arts and Sciences


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Related projects

The documentary ‘The Cost of Opportunity’ – generated from the experience of a multidisciplinary research project between Duke University and IM-UFRRJ – addresses the impact that the expansion of access to higher education is having in Baixada Fluminense.

This documentary traces the incredible campaign of Catholic-inspired Black movement activists in Rio de Janeiro’s urban periphery to expand education access to Brazil’s political minorities and change Brazilian society’s discussion of race in the process.